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It is not the big companies that are outproducing the small companies, it is the fast companies that are outproducing the slow ones. And, we have the fastest response and repair times in our industry.

Master Plumbing and Leak Detection takes pride in employing plumbers and not service technicians. There is a huge difference between the two -- such as experience, knowledge, and training. Which means your problems get fixed faster with the best possible solution for the situation.

As experienced and proud members of our industry, we stay on the cutting edge of technology and trade knowledge. We are not satisfied being just another plumbing or leak detection company. Master Plumbing and Leak Detection has trained experienced plumbers in leak detection, then supplied them with the latest technology and equipment for plumbing and leak detection. So, we can serve more of your needs in a quick and more cost efficient manner.

Once you have experienced our services, professionalism, and craftsmanship, we are confident that you will never want to use another plumbing or leak detection service again.

Contact Us to find how we can provide you with superior service and solutions.

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